I. Introduction:


Mooney Viscometer is a kind of rubber testing instrument which is used to analyze the performance of rubber and control the quality of rubber. Rubber mooney viscometer can provide accurate data for optimize formula of rubber. Besides, it can accurately measure the scorch time, rheometer time, sulfide index, the maximum and minimum torque and other parameters.


II. Parameter:


1. Testing temperature range: 0-200

2. Temperature control accuracy: <+0.3

3. Temperature resolution: 0.1

4. Torque range: 0-100 Mooney value

5. Scaling accuracy: 100&plusmn;0.5 Mooney value

6. Rotor speed: 2&plusmn;0.02 R/Min

7. Room temperature: 0-35℃

8. Relative humidity: <80%

9. Testing pressure: 11.5KN &plusmn;0.5KN

10. Air supply: 0.45&mdash;0.6Mpa