Main Rubber Classification & Properties
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  1. NR:

    When use open mixing mill, the roller temperature is required to reach 30-40C and plastication processing time is 30-40 minutes. For kneader, the plastication processing time is 3-5 minutes at temperature of 120C. Peptizer can improve the plasticity well.

  2. SBR:

    The mooney viscosity of SBR is around 35-60. So, it does not need plastication process. For some special application, plastication process can improve the quality to meet technical requirements.

  3. BR:

    The mooney viscosity is around 45. So, do not need plastication process.

  4. CR:

    It has high toughness. So, before mixing, it is better to use open mixing mill to thin-press raw rubber 3-5 times at temperature of 30-40C.

  5. EPDM:

    Not suitable for plastication process.

  6. IIR:

    Its chemical structure is stable, soft and high flow-ability. The effect of mechanical plastication process is not good.

  7. NBR:

    High toughness. Improve plasticity is weak. Normally, use open mixing mill to make plastication process with different phrases/times at temperature of 10C, roller spacing around 1mm and low feeding capacity.