The Importance Of Raw Rubber Plastication
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  1. The raw rubber plastication is to make the properties of toughness & elasticity into plasticity, which is easy to make further processing.

  2. Normally, if the mooney viscosity of raw rubber is more than 60, it need plastication processed by open mixing mill or banbury mixer.

  3. The required plastication degree for different rubber products:

    a. 0.25-0.35   (Mold press rubber products)

    b. 0.4-0.6    (Calendering & extruding rubber products)

  4. Unsaturated natural rubber + NBR are the common raw rubber that need plastication process.

  5. Not all the raw rubbers are suitable for plastication process. It depends on the characteristics of different rubbers.

  6. NBR can not be plasticated by banbury mixer.